Las Terrazas Resort uses VBrochure Ultra Premium to Convert More Travel Shoppers (you can too!)

VFM Leonardo customer Las Terrazas Hotel & Residences in Belize is using their VBrochure Ultra Premium viewer to better merchandise their hotel online.

Using compelling copywriting and extensive visual media including an engaging and descriptive overview video, Las Terrazas is able to engage online travel shoppers and convert online lookers into bookers. The rich media and descriptive text in their VBrochure Mutlimedia Viewer provides travel shoppers with the detailed information they are looking for before making the decision to book.

In addition to distribution to online travel sites, Las Terrazas Resort also has a link to their viewer on the homepage of their hotel website and all of the staff at the resort have a link to it in their email signatures.

Carolyn Stone, Director of Sales at the property says: “Prior to signing on for VBrochure Ultra Premium, we were missing a critical component of our eBusiness strategy – online content that engages travel shoppers and inspires them to book.  Now with visual merchandising as part of the mix, we are better equipped to inspire and convert more travel shoppers.”

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