Lessons from Online Retailers

Visual Merchandising is a key factor in online commerce. Some of the most significant early advancements in online merchandising have occurred in retail. That’s not surprising. The retail industry pioneered merchandising long before the arrival of the Internet.

Retailers ranging from J Crew to JC Penney to QVC are displaying products with high definition photos, multiple camera angles, zoom and full-screen features, and video as well as compelling and evocative copywriting tell the story of the product and make it stand out.

Successful Online Retailers

Hotels are now taking these ideas seriously and actively applying them. Take the Intercontinental New Orleans. This hotel has incorporated photos, videos, virtual tours and enticing copy that capture the traveler’s experience.

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In a series of videos, Michael Beninate, the hotel’s chief concierge, guides you through the experience of visiting New Orleans. “It’s an honor and a privilege to show you some of my favorite places in this extraordinary city,” he says.

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With soothing jazz in the background, the camera takes you through some of the city’s key attractions including museums, restaurants and shopping districts as well as lesser known clubs for music.  Such efforts give one a sense of not only the experience of a hotel, but the city itself. But, most importantly, they give prospective guest a sense of trust that his or her experience will be a positive one.

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