Make the Characters Count: Twitter Do’s and Don’ts

Twitter’s quick bursts of information are ideally suited to our time-crunched, on-the-go mobile society. They’ve recentlyDo and Dont on Twitter embraced more visual storytelling features as well, including header photos, photo streaming/swiping on mobile apps, and new photo filters for mobile uploads.

Fast Facts: 

–  750 tweets are sent every second
–  Google is the most-followed company on Twitter (over 4.5 million followers)
– Twitter launched its photo filters feature on iPhone and Android in December 2012


–  Use your background! Choose an image that says something about your property, or that shows off what you have to offer. Also consider the way your background image “splits,”
with your timeline in the middle. Why not have a photo of your hotel on the left and photos of your pool, business center and restaurant on the right?

–  Re-tweet. As with other social sites, sharing is a huge part of Twitter. Follow local businesses and other Twitter users that may be relevant to your guests, and re-tweet anything you
think has value.

–  Add photos to your tweets. A no-brainer! To engage visually, augment your tweets with photos – of your property, of your guests enjoying themselves, of your chef’s latest creation.
And while Twitter no longer supports Instagram, the company’s new mobile filters allow you to add a similar retro-like feel to your images.


–  Worry if your tweets don’t get a response! Only 23 per cent of tweets get a re-tweet. Avoid focusing on re-tweets; instead, focus on making your content engaging and relevant to
your followers.

For Example:

The Opus Hotel in Vancouver @OpusHotels sets a great example of how hotels can leverage Twitter. One, they share style tips via Twitter. Lifestyle information can be very popular on Twitter and helps define the image they are building.19 Two, they post images regularly that show what’s going on in and around the hotel.


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