Maximizing the Value of the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer

Studies prove that having a presence on third-party travel sites increases reservations through the hotel or chain’s own channels1  and conversion rates are the highest when travel shoppers view hotel virtual tours and video during the travel planning process.2

One of the most significant benefits of the VBrochure Multimedia Viewer is the ability to enhance your hotel’s presence on multiple channels and drive more bookings. But, it can also be used in a number of different ways.

Customers also find that their Multimedia Viewers are effective when used on their own websites and email signatures. For example, the Las Terrazas Resort in Belize, has a link to their viewer on the homepage of their website and all of the staff at the resort have a link to it in their email signatures.

The Las Terrazas Hotel & Residences in Belize is currently using VBrochure Ultra Premium. Carolyn Stone, Director of Sales at the property says: “Prior to signing on for VBrochure Ultra Premium, we were missing a critical component of our eBusiness strategy – online content that engages travel shoppers and inspires them to book.  Now with visual merchandising as part of the mix, we are better equipped to inspire and convert more travel shoppers.”

VBrochure Multimedia Viewer link on www.lasterrazasresort.comVBrochure Multimedia Viewer on
VBrochure Multimedia Viewer link in email signature

VBrochure Multimedia Viewer link in Email Signature

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1 Cornell University, The Billboard Effect: Online Travel Agent Impact on Non-OTA Reservation Volume, October 2009.

2 VFM Leonardo, Report on Results of Consumer Hotel Rich Media Viewing & Booking Conversion Study. International Limited Service Hotel Chain, April 8, 2008.

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