Are you meeting online travel shopper demands for more photos?

Today’s travel shoppers are more involved, more sophisticated, more knowledgeable and more resourceful than ever.

They’re shopping for, comparing, and discussing hotels on many different sites before booking – seeking ways to fully understand a hotel’s experience. This is why the demand for visual media is on the rise.


Travel shoppers are demanding more hotel images and distribution channels are responding by increasing the number of photos they display for hotels.Consumers want to see more photos and hotels that meet that demand experience higher engagement and booking levels.

  • A recent study by TripAdvisor found that properties with more than 20 photos get 150% more engagement.
  • Hotels with at least 15 photos sold 3x more room nights than hotels with fewer than five photos, according to Expedia.

Distribution channels want to display more photos. As a result of their findings…

  • TripAdvisor is actively encouraging hotels to make sure they have more than 20 images available.
  • Expedia recently increased the number of images they accept from VScape from 20 to 50 per property.

These are just a few examples.

The bottom line is that your hotels need to meet these demands in order to stay competitive.

That’s why it’s critical to ensure that your hotels have the maximum number of high quality photos in distribution, as defined by your VScape agreement.

What do travel shoppers want to see photos of? Here are the top 10 photos most likely to be viewed in order of popularity:

1.     Exterior

2.     Guest Room

3.     Lobby

4.     Restaurant

5.     Pool

6.     Suite

7.     Meeting Room

8.     Bar/Lounge

9.     Recreational Facilities

10.   Health Club

Take the time to evaluate the photos your hotels have in VScape.

  • What story are the photos telling? Is it the story you want to tell?
  • Do your properties have photos that travel shoppers want to see?
  • Do all of your properties have the maximum number of high quality images?

Hotels that have many high-quality images are more marketable. As a result, they experience higher conversion ratios and greater bookings.

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