Best Practices for Merchandising Your Hotel Online

hotel marketing and merchandising best practicesThere are so many online marketing activities that hoteliers should do to drive traffic to their websites – Google Ads, SEO, Mobile, Social Media, and the list goes on. All of these activities are important, but there’s one thing that is particularly critical to your success:


Although hotel chains, brands and representation companies work hard to market and merchandise their members’ properties online, often times, creating and maintaining a strong and engaging visual presence is one of the responsibilities that falls into the hands of marketing, e-commerce professional and general managers at the individual property level.

For many, navigating the competitive online world to cut through the clutter and make your hotel stand out and drive more conversions can be a challenge.

In this article by our President and CEO, Paolo Boni, you will learn:

  • How to leverage social media as well as photo and video sharing sites
  • Best practices for producing and distributing visual content that tells a persuasive story
  • Tips on how to inspire online travel shoppers to book

Download the article: Best Practices for Marketing and Merchandising Your Hotel

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