How does your visual presence compare to your competitors?

All hotels operate in a competitive environment, now you can discover how much your hotel stands out from your competitors online.

Our merchandising comparison tool pulls from a database of over 85,000 hotels worldwide and over 1 million images, videos and virtual tours. You can search for any hotel to see what types of visual content they have on online channels.

Merchandising Health Index

Just half of US online leisure hotel guests are satisfied with the written descriptions and visual content they find online for hotel accommodations and public areas. This affects the bottom line: 38% of US online hotel guests say they avoid staying at certain hotels because the Web site lacks the photos, video, or written content that would make them feel comfortable.1

Ever wonder how your competitors get ahead?

In addition to asking yourself why you are competing with them and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, take a look at what content they have available to travel shoppers.Find out, first hand, what types of visual content your competitors are using to market their hotels and compare
against your own.

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1. Henry H. Harteveldt and Elizabeth Stark, Poor Content Could Cost Travel eBusiness Money, September 8, 2009.

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