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Name one hotel that is doing a great job online and what are they doing?

The Hilton San Diego Bay Front hotel just renovated their outside pool site oasis and did as excellent job creating a positive story out of the renovation and building buzz online.

Renovations are often viewed negatively by guests and can have a negative impact on hotel occupies and online reputation so, telling a positive story on appropriate channels is hugely successful. In order to do this, Blue Magnet created a landing page on the hotel site which described all of the appealing new update and amenities and utilized strategic up rush throughout their entire site with content and drove traffic to their site from email campaigns and social media updates and contests. The hotel not only had a compelling story to tell but they also maintained complete transparency with their guests. When guests can easily and casually speak to a hotel representative fears of waking up to noisy construction can be eliminated when guests understand that the property is focusing on a project that will probably not affect their stay at all, Hilton San Diego Bay Front Hotel turned the renovation into a positive because their buzz was not only interesting but it was also trustworthy and that is what keeps visitors coming back for more.

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