New Research Reveals What Corporate Travelers Crave

As hotel marketers, a lot of time is spent understanding consumers’ wants and needs. By knowing what they’re looking for in a product, you’re able to deliver a product and message they can relate to.

Focusing on the European market, Amadeus stepped away from their typical product lens and performed research from an entirely different perspective. They took on a consultancy-led approach by directly asking European travel agents and corporations what they thought hoteliers could do to improve business. Yes, we’ve established that there is no “one-size-fits-all” market approach, however, what Amadeus found about the European market are simple tips that hoteliers all over the world can benefit from.

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When Amadeus asked travel agents how hoteliers could improve their business, travel agents stressed the following needs and concerns:

  1. Competitive and negotiated rates to comply with corporate customers’ policies.
  2. Fear of booking ‘unknown’ hotels for customers and risking a negative experience.
  3. Concern of their customer reservations not getting recognized becoming a huge hassle for both parties.
  4. Agents not getting paid and left commission ‘chasing’.

Amadeus asked corporations what they seek when booking corporate travel and they replied with three key factors:

  1. Control. They wanted to book a hotel with the right rate and at a price that met internal budgets and policy.
  2. Care. They wanted their travelers to feel cared for when on the road. A recurring issue was that travelers didn’t have many options during their stay to give them a personalized experience.
  3. Content. Corporations crave more relevant content that could be easily accessed through their travel agency or corporate booking tool to prevent wasted time having to sift through the research process.

After taking this unique research approach, and adopting these recommendations, Amadeus saw remarkable results in both mature and new markets. Sweden, a relatively mature market, grew their hotel business by 15%. Poland on the other hand, a relatively new market for hotels, showed an impressive 74% increase from the previous year. Overall, the European region grew 21% during that period.

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Today’s competitive market requires that you understand your consumers inside and out. The European region has proven that taking this consultancy approach leads to greater success.

Although Amadeus performed this research in the European market, customer’s desires tend to be similar on an international level. After all, what customer wouldn’t crave control, care and relevant content when travel shopping? It’s critical to incorporate visuals with relevant content so consumers see that your property fits their desires, and can imagine the experience being offered. Many of the results found in this research apply internationally and can help with sustaining business growth between client partners like travel agents and corporations all over the world.

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