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Number one mistake hotels make when designing websites?

Hotels can easily make the mistake of prioritizing trendy site design eliminate over functionality and usability that will contribute to actual bookings.

It’s essential to create a positive user experience through your websites design and one that is engaging and that drives users to book rooms . I consistently see trendy eliminates with a lot of movement like pop- up windows and back ground scroll and while animation might be cool in theory it may also distract visitors from the reason they came to your site to begin with. Call up boxes make important but perhaps somewhat hidden information about your property easy to find and it can create call to action for your users but too many ads can make your website look spammy and cluttered. Create a banner ad template to have consistency, use strong photography and call to action wording and have a less is more strategy. Also take into consideration certain items like: is your booking widget highlighted and easy to use? Are your social media icons and contact information accessible? Taking an honest, objective focused look at your site during the design process can help you evaluate if eliminate will contribute to the hotels online success as a booking channel.

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