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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed about what’s going on in the travel industry and the latest online merchandising best practices for hotels. Enjoy!

The VFM Leonardo Team

Feature Video
The Role of OTAs in the Travel Planning Process

Travel shoppers use online travel agencies (OTAs) more for research and comparison than booking. Hotels that are listed on OTAs see increased reservations on their own sales channels (call centers, booking engines, etc.). Learn how to use these marketing vehicles to increase conversions on your sales channels. Watch this episode »

Interview with Chris Anderson from Cornell University on VTV Channel

Feature Article
Electronic Marketing…The Great Hotel Equalizer … And You Can Do It Without Going Broke

For many independent hotels, electronically generated sales are the only viable tools to compete with franchised hotels. Yet, there are still many independent hoteliers who think that volume electronic sales are out of reach, too costly or too complicated to implement. Perhaps the most frequently asked question I hear is “I know about electronic sales, but where do I start?”… Read the article »

By Neil Salerno,

Expedia’s Jennifer Davies on user-generated content and booking conversion

Hotel video review sites are emerging as a new tool in the online travel planning and buying process. Davies said video is a growing area, with strengths and weaknesses. “…there’s always that old saying that a picture speaks louder than words. The ability to share what a hotel actually looks like, what another traveller actually experienced, is incredibly powerful,” said Davies… Read more »

EyeForTravel Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2010 Conference

Best Practices for Marketing and Merchandising Your Hotel

One thing that the hotel chains, representation companies, travel intermediaries and third-party sites do very well is ensure that your hotel can be found and booked online on a functional level. Guests ensure that there are plenty of written reviews of your hotel and user-generated photos and videos of their experiences available to their peers. But there’s a missing piece to the puzzle… Read more »

By Paolo Boni, President and CEO, VFM Leonardo

8 Things that Won’t Happen in 2010

We’re already in the third month of 2010, and so far, this is a list of things that WILL NOT happen in the hotel industry this year is accurate: consumers haven’t decided that value ISN’T the most important thing in choosing a hotel, social media sites haven’t died, and Expedia has not gone out of business… Read more »

By Jennifer Rodrigues, TravelInk’d

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