Online Merchandising: What is your potential ROI?

Hotels with video and virtual tours on third-party sites get more bookings, online and offline.

This fact was proven when we conducted a tracking study that tracked 1 million visitors to a large hotel chain’s website and on third-party travel and travel-related websites. The study revealed that travel shoppers who view virtual tours and videos are 115% more likely to book than those who don’t.

Your online merchandising return on investment (ROI) is calculated based on this study and  related studieson the lift in hotel bookings on, third-party sites and offline channels influenced by video and virtual tour views on third-party sites.

Here’s an example of what one hotel’s online merchandising ROI would be:

A VBrochure Ultra Premium customer with:

  • an Average Daily Rate of $125
  • an Average Length of Stay of 2 nights
  • 10 photos, 5 virtual tours and 1 video
  • 300* rich media views per month
  • an investment of $204 per month…

can expect a return of 14.5X their investment – that’s over $35,000 per year in incremental revenue! A small investment for a large return.

ROI Calculator

















Find out the incremental revenue you could see as a result of your VBrochure investment! Launch the ROI calculator »

*On average, VBrochure customers get 600 media views per month on VNetwork channels. We have set the default views to a more modest 300 views monthly.

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