From 360 Spins to Full Screen, this Hotel’s Online Presence is Pure Paradise – Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa

The all-inclusive Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa is at the very epicenter of a tropical paradise. In fact, the regions unique landscape and mystique is referred to by locals and visitors as “Pura Vida” – pure life. Overlooking the Gulf of Papagayo, this first-class resort features a secluded natural volcanic sand beach, never ending unspoiled gardens, and wide array of activities.

Rich visual content eases and speeds vacation shopping process tremendously.
Freilich Gimenez the Area Director Revenue Manager at the Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa really understands what travel shoppers are doing online and what they want to see. “The resort experience is something difficult to convey by using still imagery alone. Customers want to get the most out of their dollar when purchasing a vacation experience, and they will do the necessary research online to obtain just that. Rich visual content eases and speeds this process tremendously,” says Gimenez.

Hilton Papagayo’s marketing team uses this knowledge to their advantage.
They have created a strong online presence that communicates ‘this is the place for you to come and have a memorable and relaxing time.’ Part of this presence is their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer which displays their virtual tours and photos on thousands of sites – giving travel shoppers a better sense of what the hotel and surrounding area are like.

Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa

VBrochure presents the resort in the most appealing way online.
One of the reasons Gimenez chose VBrochure for Hilton Papagayo is because “It gives full flexibility and the resources needed to present our product in the most appealing way to our target audience and provides one of the most comprehensive, easy to use solutions for rich media syndication in the market.”

The photos and full-screen virtual tours of the bright, open and colorful resort and beautiful surroundings paint a brighter, more vibrant and inspiring picture that helps travel shoppers evaluate its fit for their trips – wherever they find it, even on the channels that aren’t used for booking, like Facebook.

Visuals bring their Facebook page and email signatures to life.
Their Facebook page is brought to life with a video tab, virtual tour tab (where they link to their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer) and a photos tab with professional and user-generated photos.

They even take their visual merchandising a step further by including a link to their VBrochure in their e-mail signatures.

Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa A positive increase in bookings through their own website and other online channels.
Their total rich media and photo views increased 52% in 2010 and they’re on track for an even greater increase in 2011 with a 10% increase in January alone.

“Within a few weeks we have seen a tremendous increase in bookings as a result of offering high quality rich media content. We have had a positive increase in bookings and traffic through our own website as well as other online channels that carry our rich content. Another positive is to be able to interact on social media using visual aids,” says Gimenez.

To other hoteliers that are looking to increase their conversions through visual merchandising, he suggests “Don’t be afraid to increase spending on producing the highest possible quality visual assets and ensure proper distribution through all possible channels.”

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