From 360° Tours to HD Full Screen; a Rich Visual Experience Sells for this Hotel

Located on West Broadway, the Park Inn Vancouver ‘s chic accommodations are convenient to the best that the area has to offer. Set against a beautiful backdrop of the Coast Mountains and False Creek, this Vancouver hotel is within walking distance of Granville Island, voted one of North America’s best neighborhoods, and is near the city’s major attractions and Vancouver International Airport.

All of their marketing materials emphasize the beautiful scenery. Now they’re taking that message and getting it out online. “We are trying to gain more exposure in the online arena and increase bookings,” said Frank Mansson, Director of Sales, Park Inn Vancouver.

So, among other activities like tweeting and search engine optimization to increase their online exposure, they started improving their visual merchandising. Prior to becoming a VBrochure customer, the Park Inn had still images being syndicated to a select number of channels through Carlson’s VScape agreement with VFM Leonardo.

With VBrochure, their photos as well as their high definition virtual tours, that show the impressive views of the Coast Mountains and False Creek from their guestrooms, are out in front of online travel shoppers alongside detailed descriptions for each of their media items so that travel shoppers get all of the information they need at a glance.

Park Inn Vancouver - VBrochure

“Rich media is important because it relates directly to bookings which impacts revenue. It helps travel shoppers relate better to the property, get a sense of what it’s like, and make informed decisions,” said Mansson.

For them, the decision to use VBrochure to deliver and display their rich media was simple. “Being a Carlson brand, the choice to work with VFM Leonardo was a no-brainer since they’re an approved supplier of visual content syndication for Carlson Hotels.”

Exposing their fantastic views has led to increased exposure across the board and their bookings are increasing as a result. Their viewing reports in VScape show that the number of views they’re receiving and the number of channels they’re receiving views on are both on the rise.

“With VBrochure, we’ve increased our exposure beyond our own channels immensely. So far we have seen an increase in bookings overall – through our brand site, third party sites and the hotel directly,” said Mansson.

“VBrochure helps shorten the decision making process and increases our conversion rates because consumers are better able to make a decision on the spot based on the info they have in front of them.”

To other hoteliers that want to increase their exposure and bookings, Mansson suggests…“Keep it simple. Guests are looking for info about the hotel to support their buying decision and they want to be able to find it quickly. They’re not willing to spend too much time browsing to find it.”

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