The Peppermill Resort Spices Up Nevada Luxury by Adding Flavor to their Online Experience

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino indulges all of the senses.  Voted one of Reno’s best resort hotels year after year by leading hospitality and gaming publications, the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino’s Tuscan style property appeals to travelers of the finest taste.

A grand all-in-one inclusive vacation destination, Peppermill offers a host of luxurious amenities which they showcase and effectively communicate using VBrochure.
Peppermill Resort - VPowered Multi-Media Player
Their listings on third-party travel sites used to be bland, but now, VBrochure’s large format media player takes over and their experience takes on a much zestier flavor. Pat Flynn, Executive Director of Sales & Hotel Operations, says VBrochure “allows us more real estate to show our audience what we have to offer.”

And what they have to offer is quite extensive.  With first class dining and spa treatments alongside Reno’s largest convention center and top rated casino, the Peppermill experience is one for guests of both business and leisure to savor.   

However, seeing is believing.  As hot as this property sounds, the real proof is in the visual pudding.  Large, bright, high resolution photos and virtual tours play up the luxury, high-end experience and give online travel shoppers a taste of indulgence, leaving them wanting a real life taste.

Using VBrochure, Peppermill has received impressive views for their virtual tours and motion VRs. Flynn confirms, “…It’s proven.  The more visual you are, the more business you garner…. We have so many amenities and components that rich media is just another medium for us to showcase how great our property is.

Enjoying an “as you like it” theme, where no request is too “over the top”, online shoppers can now linger over views of luxurious suites, elaborate wedding packages and a high energy casino with the click of a mouse.  Well-crafted, descriptive text of each image completes a savvy marketing tool that significantly boosts online consumer engagement.

Flynn remarks on how their use of VBrochure is similarly easy to use, highlighting clean looking, customizable tabs and categories, and visual presentation to various distribution channels. “With online distribution, we feel that it’s important to have visual presentation in the best possible way and VBrochure delivers that for us”.

Peppermill’s marketing strategy stands out by effectively communicating their luxurious surroundings and amenities.   Using eight custom tabs that they have creatively selected with VBrochure, the property hoped to receive increased online exposure, and in turn, create more bookings.  Their success has been undeniable.  Since September, they have received over 6,000 views in total for virtual tours and motion VRs and Flynn says VBrochure has definitely had an impact on increased bookings since they began with the service.

To other potential VBrochure customers, Flynn offers some words of advice, Showcase your property well by displaying the best media.  When consumers are shopping, they like to see what they’re buying. The more tools you can give to the consumer, more room nights you will book”.

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