Put the Face into Facebook

Facebook has forever changed the game of content marketing and marketing in general.  It sparked a social media craze and shows no signs of slowing down.  But what made this “electronic yearbook” craze one of the biggest inventions of modern times?  Mr. Zuckerberg combined visuals with a story, and syndicated it to a target audience.
And, it’s Still About the Story

Facebook has certainly evolved, growing from a small student network to over 1 billion monthly active users. But at the end of the day, it’s still about telling a story; only now they’re accompanied by a robust set of cool and interactive communication tools.  Today, stories are largely being told textually, but increasingly with more and more graphics, pics and even videos. It’s easier than ever to display media with the help of timeline, cover photos, integrated apps, and comment plug-ins.  With the evolution of all these features, the premise is still the same; Facebook wants you to share what’s going on around you.

Now More Than Ever, Imagery is Key

Many of the newest social media platforms have very little text.  For example,Instagram thank youhighly successful Instagram reached 10 million users in just under a year ( Look at Pinterest, currently ranked 3rd among social media sites and quickly rising with 20 million monthly unique visitors! (  Facebook has jumped into the visual revolution purchasing Instagram, and seamlessly integrated it with their platform, encouraging users to share more of this media to really drive stickiness and sharing.


Hotels Doing it Right

As head of our Best Practice Group, I’m very fortunate to be able to listen to and read about hotel stories as part of my daily routine.  Some of the most captivating tales are told simply, in an engaging platform, inspiring consumers to take the next steps.

Barnsley Gardens Resorts does a remarkable job telling their “Wedding to Remember” story.  Using a Facebook app customized specifically for weddings, Barnsley Gardens shows users a charming fairytale, featuring images of weddings they’ve hosted at their romantic venue.

Barnsley Garden Inn

Another favorite of mine is the Mountain View Lodge.  Also using a customized Facebook app, they have created a unique “Review” tab where they can share the positive experiences of past visitors.  Facebook is an ideal place to feature guests’ stories and to highlight the special attributes of their property.

Mountain View Lodge

Remember, the tools are available to easily publish your one-of-a-kind anecdotes on Facebook along with other social media platforms.  Take a cue from the Mountain View Lodge and post the stories your guests are telling for you – they’re authentic and will inspire conversation.

To learn more about using a Storytelling approach to enhance your hotel’s perceived value, download our Tool Kit:  Amplify Your Hotel Story

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