Online Merchandising: The Secret to Selling the Hotel Experience Online

What hoteliers need to do to sell hotel rooms online is no secret. It’s all about better merchandising with content that inspires and motivates shoppers to book. More than just rates, inventory and driving traffic to a booking engine, selling hotel rooms online involves making engaging, detailed visual and written content available to travel shoppers on all the digital channels they use throughout the shopping journey.

Online channels are where hoteliers need to focus their efforts. More than 1 billion people use the internet every day and 91% of US online buyers state that researching online makes them feel more confident about their purchases.1 The internet offers the simplest way for consumers to find and compare hotels. It also produces the best marketing return-on-investment. It’s time for hoteliers who aren’t exploiting online channels to make that commitment.

Visual merchandising needs to be added to every hotelier’s online strategy… Download the article: The Secret to Selling the Hotel Experience Online

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