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Should hotels be targeting on site guests via mobile?

In this edition of VTV E-Marketing Minute, we ask mobile expert Jed Scheiderman, Co-Founder and President of Tapped Mobile “should hotels be targeting on site guests via mobile?”

“I think it’s a great question, targeting guests on site. I think it has more to do with behavior of consumers then the technology itself, so the question for an operator would be understand, what are the consumer doing or the individual is doing at your property, and what information they like.  So there are from a technology perspective you can target ads to consumers via your app or third party app.  You can send text messages and leverage Blue Tooth or WIFI.  Think again the reality is what are consumers expect from you and what can you provide to them,  Consumers are more than willing to get content and offers from you it’s a question of what is valued by then which I think is where you need to start instead of thinking about the technology.”

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