“Snackable” Media – Instagram Capturing the Essence of Visual Storytelling

Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom has recently introduced the function of video to the popular social media channel, Instagram. Visual storytelling is taking over old forms of marketing and making it more important than ever before that companies utilize social channels, such as Instagram, to tell their visual story – especially hotel marketers. The hotel industry is inherently rich in stories, yet many hotels continue to lack the presence of effective visuals that communicate their story.

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Traditional forms of marketing, such as television and radio, are being overtaken by web marketing, simultaneously as the internet shifts to a visual first environment. With the visually-driven digital world being the greatest source for marketing, it is imperative that companies keep up with a more visual marketing design. Simply Measured notes that visual content (photos and videos) have seen a 65% increase in consumer engagement.

The idea behind Instagram videos are along the same lines as Vine – a twitter application created shortly before the release of the video function on Instagram. Instagram videos are 15 seconds while Vine’s are an even shorter 6 seconds in length. Both of them offer an inexpensive, yet effective way that hotels can give a sneak peek of their property’s story to travel shoppers.


The simplicity, beauty and community behind Instagram’s video function make this social media app a great resource for hotel marketers. The videos are created at the simple touch of a Smartphone, which is something every Smartphone user is capable of doing. They offer filters (much like their photo filters) that add great beauty to these “snackable” stories. But more importantly, these short videos get posted on social media for the entire Instagram community to see, which according to Systrom, is 130 million people monthly. For the large population of travel shoppers that browse social media, this is impacting their travel decisions.

The explosion of mobile video among the digital era creates a new platform for visual storytelling and this is something hotel marketers should definitely be taking advantage of.

To learn more about using a Social Media Storytelling, download our Checklist: Stepping Up Your Hotel’s Visual Storytelling on Social Media

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