Superstar Storyteller: Albert at Bay Suite Hotel

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared. Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

We often discuss the importance of hotels sharing their stories online.  Albert at Bay Suite Hotel uses an elephant to describe their hotel experience and create an out-of-the-box story travel shoppers will never forget.

SS Albert at Bay

Originally constructed as an apartment building, Albert at Bay has since been transformed into a beautiful hotel property, and the hotel prides itself on their story.  These jumbo guest suites are the largest in Ottawa.  Finding a suite this grand, complete with a kitchen, living room, dining area, and balcony, may be as rare as an elephant, but Albert at Bay’s suites come at a great value and have earned them the local nickname of “the elephant hotel.” They amplify this story across their website, third party channels and at the property itself.

Travel shoppers want to feel at home, even when they are on the road.  Ideal for families, this apartment-turned-hotel offers the same space and feel as home, for the same price as a cramped downtown hotel.

Albert at Bay consistently markets their hotel with a consistent message:  “Really, really, BIG hotel suites.”  Whether it’s on their corporate website or OTAs, the message is never lost, creating a reputable and consistent message for all travel shoppers.

Albert at Bay TA

Albert at Bay’s marketing efforts have paid off.  Drawing comparisons between their hotel and this gentle giant of an animal has created a story that defines their property as unique, recognizable and memorable –qualities that appeal to any guest looking for a reliable and spacious hotel!

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