Superstar Storyteller: Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared. Every property is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

Located on a quiet street in Williamsburg, Virginia and nestled in-between tall trees and rich greenery is the award-winning Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast. With its colonial inspired design, this charming southern home away from home is the largest B&B in Williamsburg.

It’s a property that knows their story, knows their unique features, and knows how to translate that story online which makes them true masters of visual storytelling and therefore we feel they should be recognized.

So, without further ado we would like to roll out the red carpet for this month’s superstar storyteller and southern belle of the bed and breakfasts, The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast.

They offer online shoppers the opportunity to explore, experience, and for a moment place themselves on the doorstep of this romantic and comfortable bed and breakfast in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia.

Striking a Home Run with Your Homepage

Did you know that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? This is particularly important to remember when you are evaluating how effective your website is.

Your homepage is the most important aspect to a property’s website as it’s the virtual front door where travel shoppers will decide either to navigate your site or, with one click, continue around that revolving door and leave.

The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast shows us a wonderful visual display of their property on their homepage which emphasizes their cozy accommodations with a touch of that wonderful southern charm.


The Before and After

If we take a look at their past homepage we can see that their story is presented with large blocks of text, smaller visuals and without clear navigation tabs, making it tricky for travel shoppers to obtain answers quickly about their property.

With the travel shopper in mind, The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast has now opened a visual storybook for their shoppers to explore.

Their new website, created using Vizlly, allows travel shoppers to jump right into their story and experience their property first hand with an online tour of powerful images. With only several tabs along the top, travel shoppers can quickly and easily access different areas of the site without any complication. We especially like their unique pages that set them apart – their Guest of the Month and Recipes pages.


Unveiling Your Authenticity Through Visuals 

What are travel shoppers looking for in accommodations? With 56% of leisure travelers relying on the internet for travel inspiration, we can say they perhaps are looking for a variety of things. Of course, at the top of the list may include your property’s location and how the guestrooms look, but a property that can provide a unique experience may have more sway over a travel shopper than a competitor who is fifteen minutes closer to the airport or highway.

With their new website, The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast has created an experience for travel shoppers to discover. They show us a unique story by differentiating themselves online with personal added touches like their in house southern recipes page.

Instead of simply listing a menu of the food they provide at their property, they have decided to share their recipes with their guests. A very nice personable touch we may add.

They too have done an excellent job of engaging and furthering the conversation with their guests by creating a page that is dedicated to their guests of the month.

Although their previous website had a page dedicated to “The Cedars of Williamsburg Experience,” the page layout was quite different. Although a great story, it was shared through text instead of showing us through visuals. Now, travel shoppers are able to place themselves in The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast experience and envision themselves perhaps visiting the property.

Travel shoppers want to see it all. They want to be able to picture themselves at your property. They want to see what they are getting and not just read about it. Within seconds of landing on The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast’s homepage, they reveal who they are, why they are authentic and why you should stay with them. This truly is visual storytelling at its finest.

Applause all Around to The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast!

By displaying outstanding visuals and showing an exceptional unique story through their recipes and guest of the month pages, The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast is by far a quaint property with a sense of charm that is easily recognizable through their authentic online presence.

Is your property visually telling its own unique story like The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast? Find out with our Scorecard!

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