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Superstar Storyteller: Hampton Inn Sudbury

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared. Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

Some hotel marketers feel that because their hotel is part of a branded chain, they don’t have a unique story to share. The truth is that every hotel has their own story. This week’s Superstar Storyteller, Hampton Inn Sudbury, has utilized many different techniques to stand out online and amplify their unique story.

Hampton Inn Sudbury

Online Travel Agencies are more than just websites for booking a trips. Travel Shoppers are using OTAs to research hotels and gather information about where they’d like to stay. Hampton Inn Sudbury has done a great job at customizing their story on third party channels such as OTAs and meta search sites. On Trip Advisor, they use VBrochure to tell their story with engaging visuals and descriptive text. Travel shoppers can learn about the experience they would have at the Hampton Inn by seeing photos of the available rooms, view the available features and amenities, and see offerings for meetings and events.

HI sudbury vbrochure

 Hampton Inn Sudbury has also done a stellar job at customizing their Facebook page.  They have installed customized apps to share more about the experience at their hotel. A standout is the “Host a meeting” tab. This tab displays the unique value Hampton Inn Sudbury offers to business travelers. It displays the banquet seating and office space ideal for meetings and corporate events while travelling.

 hampton inn book a meeting

Finally, a small detail that goes a long way is the email signature used by staff members. All employees of the hotel have a custom signature which links to the hotel’s VBrochure and Facebook page. Anyone who receives an email from a representative of the hotel is directed to links to become more engaged.

hi email

Hampton Inn Sudbury has demonstrated their proficiency in telling their story across many different channels.  Through the use of OTAs, Facebook, and email signatures, they are truly Superstar Storytellers.

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