Superstar Storyteller: Hotel-Motel Le Régent

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared. Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

Charming, cozy, and delightful and are a few phrases you could use to describe the Hotel-Motel Le Régent located in Quebec City. They’re our new Superstar Storyteller because the Hotel-Motel Le Régent understands the importance of having a multi-channel strategy to effectively tell their hotel’s story across many different devices and social platforms which enables this quaint, 60-room property to reach travelers all over the world.

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Multi-Channel Reach

Marketing your hotel in today’s day and age can be challenging, considering the average travel shopper will visit anywhere between 10 to 30 sites before booking, and 71% of leisure travelers will switch between devices to plan or book. That’s why the Hotel-Motel Le Régent makes sure to amplify their story across all the channels travelers are using, including their hotel website, Facebook, mobile, and the many third party travel sites consumers use to search for travel online.


Their customized VBrochure player allows them to represent their hotel’s brand colours with ease while providing snackable information about the hotel’s amenities. It also allows them to reach millions of travel shoppers on thousands of travel websites through Leonardo’s VNetwork.

Whoever says you need to be a big brand property to tell a great hotel story and be everywhere travelers are? This 60-room hotel takes advantage of the tools that are available to them, to spread their content on multiple channels and reach more travel shoppers than ever before.

Cross Device Compatible


The Hotel-Motel Le Régent understands the importance of mobile and tablet optimization in today’s day and age, as 65% of leisure travelers will use a smartphone throughout their travel process. The Hotel-Motel Le Régent has created smartphone and tablet optimized websites that allow travel shoppers to discover their hotel’s story with the tap of a screen. This simple solution allows customers to easily search through your property’s photos, hotel information, and even book rooms.

Having a mobile optimized website is crucial to attracting technology-adept travelers, as Google found that having a poor mobile website experience was the number one reason given for not making a reservation. Only 23% of mobile site users will push through a non-mobile-optimized travel site.

Hotel Motel Le Regent

A Facebook App-etite

Considering 52% of travel shoppers use social media for inspiring summer vacation travel and of those travel shoppers 29% choose Facebook, The Hotel-Motel Le Régent recognizes the importance of enticing travel shoppers on Facebook. Using multi-media Facebook Apps that allow shoppers to take a tour of their property directly from their Facebook page, they make sure they’re telling their hotel story on this important social network.

Hotel Motel Le Regent

The Hotel-Motel Le Régent is a great example of a small hotel with big marketing goals. Their efforts across multiple channels shows their strategic hotel marketing plan at work. Connecting with travel shoppers is crucial and accompanying them online on their travel shopping journey is paramount to your hotel’s success.

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