Superstar Storyteller: Sa’Moana Resort

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared. Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

Question: What’s the closest you can get to visiting a property without actually visiting it?

Answer: Watching a video of it.

That’s why the beautiful Sa’Moana Resort in stunning Samoa features a captivating video front and center on the homepage of their website. The resort’s equally as captivating Facebook page really allows them to engage with travel shoppers and make the most of the social media site. The Sa’Moana is the epitome of visual storytelling and that’s why they’re our newest Superstar Storyteller.

samoana video storytelling

The Spirit of Sa’Moana

What do you get when you combine a great song, an underwater camera, delicious food and stunning scenery? An amazing video that greets travel shoppers as soon as they visit your website. The Sa’Moana Resort showcases guests surfing, dancing, eating and playing – everything that guests can expect to do when they visit this hidden gem.

samoana video storytelling

66% of consumers report watching video when planning travel which makes the Sa’Moana genius innovators in the hotel marketing industry to feature a video front and center on their website. Furthermore, exposure to online video can lead to a 40% increase in bookings!

The Sa’Moana Resort follows many best practices in regards to video such as:

  • Ensuring the video is high-quality
  • Making sure it’s the optimum length (1-2 minutes) and capturing the unique features and amenities of the property
  • Using a mixture of shots with people and without people. The shots without people allow travel shoppers to really envision themselves at the property – the same way that mannequins don’t usually have faces so that you can envision yourself in those clothes as you’re window shopping. Shots with people in them showcase activities that can be done at the resort, such as snorkeling, dancing and other fun activities that really make the Sa’Moana unique.

Whichever best practices are used, the Sa’Moana always tells a consistent story and that’s why the video on their website is so effective.

Facebook Friend-zy

If you’ve read our blog before, chances are you already know the importance of engaging on Facebook. The quality of a Facebook page is not measured in the amount of likes it has; it is measured in how engaged and contributive the page visitors are.

Sa’Moana Resort does everything right – they have multi-media, they have Facebook apps allowing guests to look at special offers and explore the resort and they even have a “Book Now” feature that is present no matter what tab of the page you’re looking at – and guests love it.

samoana facebook comments engaging

Congratulations, Sa’Moana Resort!

By engaging guests in a multitude of ways – whether it is through video, captivating images, or active Facebook-ing – the Sa’Moana Resort is a superstar in many ways, but most importantly when it comes to storytelling.

To learn more about the importance of visual storytelling and learn some amazing tips while you’re at it, take a look at our video featuring our Success Coaches: 7 Ways to Develop Your Story.

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