Superstar Storyteller: True Blue Bay Resort

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared.  Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

Warm breezes, bright blue ocean scenery, sunny Grenadian skies and spacious rooming is in True Blue Bay Resort’s DNA, but it’s not their spectacular location or great accommodations that make them this week’s Superstar Storyteller. No, it’s their excellent use of rich media, mobile optimization and social media that makes them a Superstar Storyteller. Their combination of snackable descriptions and compelling visuals helps them stand out to travel shoppers all over the world. They’re able to appeal to many travel shoppers on several travel channels through their Facebook page, Twitter account, mobile and tablet optimized websites, multi-media content on thousands of travel websites through VNetwork, and through their stunning visual-first website.

Social Media Aficionados

The True Blue Bay Resort is extremely active on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter with over 50,000 page likes (almost half the population of Grenada!) and over 3,000 followers, respectively, while also spreading their reach on Instagram and Flickr by posting engaging guest content, local events, and resort adventures. By being active on social media channels, they’re able to keep travel shoppers in the loop of what’s happening at the hotel, upcoming specials and Grenada news; doing this keeps travel shoppers engaged, and up-to-date which can help set you apart from your competition. It is good thing that they are active, because 52% of travelers will use social media for summer vacation inspiration. Not only are their social media pages filled with great content, they also make sure to take advantage of Facebook VPowered Apps to show off their breathtaking amenities to travel shoppers.

True Blue Bay resort

Tasty Snackable Descriptions

The True Blue Bay Resort knows today’s busy travelers don’t have time to scroll through paragraphs of text – that’s why they include great snackable descriptions to help emphasize their property’s features. It’s a powerful best practice that helps travel shoppers grasp the story of your hotel and its accommodations. True Blue Bay Resort does an excellent job of keeping it consistent with their snackable descriptions on social media and their multiple other channels.

Vast Multi-Channel Reach

The True Blue Bay Resort understands the expanding digital marketing realm and has taken the right steps to spread their content effectively across many different platforms. They recognize that travel shoppers will search across various platforms and channels to find out all the information they can about a property and discover their story.

They spread their hotel story to thousands of travel websites that are part of the VNetwork, their own hotel website as well as lots of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Flickr.

TBBR Instagram

Cash in on Being Visually-Rich!

The True Blue Bay Resort uses rich visual content from professional and user-generated photography and features it on their social media pages and hotel website. The power of having so much visual content is that it allows the travel shopper to piece together your hotel and its surroundings.

The True Blue Bay Resort understands the benefits of featuring media from not only their resort, but also from local events and off-property expeditions. When you allow the prospective guests to envision themselves staying at your location and hotel, you create a traveler dream that speaks loudly to them, and the True Blue Bay Resort employs this to their advantage.

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