Superstar Storyteller: Wingate by Wyndham Calgary

You have a story to tell, a mission statement, a feature, a location or an experience just waiting to be shared.  Every hotel is unique and should use its voice to communicate with travel shoppers.

The gaze of the breathtaking Canadian Rocky Mountains stretches out upon another staple of Alberta’s prominent and robust tourism industry; the Wingate by Wyndham Calgary South Hotel. Our latest Superstar Storyteller shares a compelling story of their unique identity and showcases it using a multi-channel approach.

Less is More
Time and money seem like two interchangeable commodities that most people in this life could use more of. General Manager Robin Allen orchestrated a brilliant digital presence to feature her hotel’s overall story, without depleting the tanks of both assets. A common challenge most hoteliers face is the natural and understandable inclination to overload content and literally show everything unique about their property.

Robin leveraged the full potential of her multi-media web galleries so that it remained consistent with the information on her hotel’s website. Sticking with the overarching theme of simplicity, Robin included enough media to effectively highlight her hotel, but not overdoing it so shoppers have to dig deep in the gallery to find what they were looking for (notice in the screenshot attached there is no scrolling bar). The visuals were precise and painted a cozy and hospitable environment.

By customizing descriptive text by way of concise bullet points beside her images, she effectively documented all important supplementary material. The web gallery was tailored to four easily accessible tabs: hotel, rooms & suites, features & amenities and meetings. Robin found that healthy balance of vibrant visuals and complimentary text so the two play off each other’s strengths and quickly provide all the necessary information to a prospective shopper.

Virtual Visionary
The top three items shoppers want to see on your website are guest rooms, restaurants and recreation, respectively. Wingate by Wyndham Calgary were cognizant of this consumer psyche and demonstrated it perfectly in their virtual tour. They created a virtual home away from home tour that effectively outlines the traveler’s experience from the minute they step foot into the main lobby.

Facebook Family
Wingate by Wyndham Calgary’s Facebook page is a perfect extension of their individuality they share on their website and media gallery. Robin installed three multi-media Facebook apps along with unique titles, customized thumbnails, and links connecting back to the hotel’s website and booking engine.

They also showcase a great sense of community by highlighting their Calgary pride with a throwback to the 1988 Olympics hosted in their hometown. They also love to show their staff’s family members which is such a phenomenal way to personalize a hotel’s brand.

Wingate by Wyndham Calgary South shows that you don’t need to overflow your digital footprint with content for improved results. Take it from our latest Superstar Storyteller; you can really do a lot with a little.

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