Global Survey Reveals Most Effective Conversion Tactics for 2010

most-effective-ebusiness-featuresVFM Leonardo has just released the results of its first Hotel E-Business Survey which provides a revealing look at what hotel e-business professionals are spending their online marketing budgets on. The survey unveiled some fascinating trends. Interestingly, the features that many e-business professionals are currently using do not align with those that they believe to be most effective.

64% of respondents believe that “hotel tours (combinations of guided spin, zoom imagery, videos or animation)” are very effective yet only 41% have deployed this tactic.

At a glance, the most effective rich media merchandising and social media tactics include:

  • User ratings and rankings: 67%
  • Hotel tours (combinations guided spin, zoom imagery, videos or animation): 66%
  • User comments and reviews: 64%
  • Videos for merchandising, advertising and demonstration: 60%
  • 360 degree spins/panoramas: 49%

Download the full report and discover the rich media/merchandising and social media-based features these leaders are using or plan to use and what they believe to be most effective at driving conversions.

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