The Essentials of Excellent Hotel Videos

The Beverly Heritage Hotel VPowered Multi-Media Viewer


Consumers are jaded by sales-pitches. That’s why authenticity is especially important. Bringing an element of reality into your video helps connect with people on a more personal level and builds trust. One way to do this is by having real hotel staff in your videos. It also makes your video more than just a panning of rooms that looks the same as the hotel down the street.

The Beverly Heritage Hotel has a great, authentic video that features their general manager, restaurant manager and shows guests enjoying their experience. Watch it now.

Best Western City Centre/Centre Ville VPowered Multi-Media Viewer


The best videos are meaningful to those who view them. One generic video may not resonate with everyone so savvy hoteliers create multiple videos that target specific groups of guests (in addition to their general overview video). The most obvious place to begin is with a video for business travelers and one for leisure travelers. The key is to focus on what’s important to each group.

You can get ideas from the Best Western City Centre/Centre Ville. They have created segmented videos targeting businesses travelers and families. Watch them now.

B.F. Saul VBrochure Availability

Travel shoppers are using all kinds of different sites to research hotels. Some even begin their hotel search on sites like YouTube! But your video content shouldn’t be limited to video specific sites. It should be available everywhere because you never know where travel shoppers will find you. It could be from a Google search, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Orbitz, and the list goes on and on. Syndicating your video to as many website as possible is critical.

B.F. Saul makes sure their hotel videos are available on as many channels as possible from traditional travel sites to social media sites to landing pages to their hotel lobbies. Find out more.

More essentials of excellent hotel videos coming soon!

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