The Top 10 Recommended Resources For Effective Web Marketing: Part 3 of 3

Have you ever found yourself searching for best practice guidelines for all your online marketing challenges?

In part one of this blog series, we wrote about the biggest web marketing challenges hospitality professionals are facing today and offered solutions to these common problems.

Today, we’re going a step further. We scoured our blog and knowledge center and rounded up the top 10 recommended resources that will help your property create a better website to drive more bookings, increase occupancy and revenue and generate more ROI from your online marketing efforts.

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1. Creating Visually-Compelling Websites That Drive Bookings

One of the best ways to improve your website is to know what travelers are looking for and make sure that your website answers all their questions so they are confident to book with you.

This scorecard explains which elements travelers crave online and the must-have features for your website. Take a look and see how your website measures up.

2. Why Visual Is The New Verbal

Today’s travelers want information fast and you can use visual storytelling to grab and keep travel shoppers’ attention.

Our webinar featuring Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity, and Emily Drennen, Marketing Specialist at DoubleTree Lancaster, explains how changes in travel shopping behavior impacts online bookings, ways to improve conversion rates with visual storytelling, insights into how one successful marketer tells their story visually to improve engagement, the role of technology and how to use storytelling to build relationships and trust, and more.

Watch the full recording and view the slides from the presentation to learn more about why visual is the new verbal.

3. Five Reasons Why Every Property Should Have Its Own Website

If your property doesn’t have its own website then this is the resource for you! This post explains the benefits of having your own website – read it now!

4. How To Sell Your Boss On A Vanity Website

As travel shoppers take more control of the content they consume and the brands they interact with, hospitality professionals must create websites that convey their property’s unique story and deliver the most pertinent information that travel shoppers want to see.

This blog explains seven frequently answered questions about creating a vanity website and the importance that a vanity website holds for a property. Read the post now and you’ll be ready to sell your boss on a vanity website.

5. Can A Vanity Website Negatively Impact Your Search Rankings?

In a collaboration with SEO expert Marco Braggio, this blog post talks about Google’s visibility penalty and doorway pages update. It also goes over three reasons why vanity websites benefit your property, because there’s no need to worry – vanity websites are not doorway pages. Read the post now to learn more.

6. Best Practices For Displaying Special Offers On Your Website

Special offers are a key ingredient in your overall visual storytelling recipe. Their function helps accentuate your story and ultimately plays a major role in driving direct bookings.

This post goes over four aspects travel shoppers look for in special offers and six steps to creating a tremendous special offer on your property’s website.

7. Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO is a vast topic and that’s why we’ve partnered with SEO expert Marco Braggio again to bring you a beginner’s guide to SEO. This guide explains what SEO is, how search engines rank websites, the top 10 most important SEO factors for hotel, B&B and vacation rental websites, how mobile and social media impact your property’s SEO and much more.

Download the guide now and learn what’s what with SEO in the hospitality industry.

8. Best Practices: Multi-Media Guidelines for Hospitality Professionals

Once you’ve got your website up and running and SEO-enabled, it’s time to make sure your media is compelling.

This Best Practices Guide defines industry standards for photos, virtual tours and videos all in one place. Read it to learn how to show you property’s story in the best possible light.

This guide reviews the key role of each media type, how much media is needed to tell an engaging story, the best file types for different kinds of media and universal best practices for hospitality media. Download it now and get an edge up over the competition!

9. Do’s and Don’ts of Telling Your Property’s Story on Mobile

Today’s digital travel shoppers are using mobile devices to research and book their accommodations. Reach mobile travel shoppers by ensuring that your property is optimized for mobile with these Do’s and Don’ts.

10. What To Look For In A Web Publishing System

During the travel shopping journey, travelers now have more options than ever before. They visit anywhere between 10 and 30 different website before booking. Not only is this a lot of information for the travel shopper to consumer, but it’s a lot of re-creating the same time-consuming packages for different sources – OTAs, social media, etc. – for the hospitality professional in charge of the property’s online marketing.

This blog reveals the ten key features that your property should look for in a web publishing system. Check it out now and prepare to choose the best web publishing system for your property’s needs.

Lesson Complete

After you get a chance to read those ten resources, your property will officially be prepared for the complex world of web marketing.

This is part three in a three-part blog series discussing web marketing in the hospitality industry.

Catch up on the first two parts here:

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