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Top 10 Leonardo Blog Articles of 2016 (so far)

Now more than half way through the year, we decided to look at which articles on the Leonardo blog are trending in 2016. It’s always interesting to see where our readers’ interests and priorities lie when it comes to digital marketing. From improving Search Engine Optimization, to reducing online booking abandonment, it’s clear that hotel marketers are focused on the entire digital marketing channel and gaining great insights from the following articles:

1. 5 Reasons For Booking Abandonment & How To Optimize Your Checkout

5 Reasons for Booking Abandonment & How to Optimize Your Checkout

Sometimes travel shoppers are just browsing your website. Other times they have every intention of booking, but abandon the process. Why? In this article, we outline 5 common reasons why online travel bookings are abandoned, and simple changes you can make on your website to increase conversions.

2. Why Ranking On Page #1 In Google Is Not The Goal Of SEO (And Other Hocus Pocus Mistruths)

Unless you have millions of dollars to spend on digital marketing, competing for “Hotels in New York” just isn’t worth it. Our President, John McAuliffe, dispels some common misconceptions about SEO. See his advice on how to get found via search engines without breaking the bank.

3. The Downfall of Google+ And What It Means For Local SEO

Google Plus

You’ve probably heard rumbling that Google+ is dead, or at least on the way out. The landscape of local SEO is changing rapidly. In this article, SEO expert, Marco Braggio, discusses how these changes will influence your SEO strategy.

4. What OTA Commissions Are Costing You

OTAs are a thorn in every hotelier’s side, but are you relying on them too much to sell rooms? Darlene Rondeau, our Vice President of Best Practices & Online Merchandising, breaks down the cost of OTA commissions for different property types and sizes, to see if moving OTA bookings from their “wallet” to yours is worth it.

5. Guest Post: 3 Simple Strategies To See Your Direct Bookings Skyrocket

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Pam Levesque is the General Manager of the Blue Bay Inn. Coming from a retail background, she knows a thing or two about selling. See how she applied her retail knowledge to The Blue Bay Inn’s hotel website, to increase direct bookings.

6. Understanding The Traveler’s Path To Purchase: Insights From The Hotel Association Canada Conference 2016

This year at the Hotel Association Canada Conference our President, John McAuliffe, moderated a panel called “The Long Road: Understanding the Traveler’s Path to Purchase.” In this article, he details the 3 main points brought up in the discussion and how they apply to hoteliers.

7. 6 Property Websites We Love And Why

JHouse Collage

While it’s great to hear what makes a great hotel website, it’s different to actually see it. We showcase six fantastic hotel websites and what makes them so great, be it strong visual storytelling, smart targeting, or a really efficient path to conversion. Learn what it takes to have a superstar website!

8. The New Rules of SEO

The travel shopping journey is becoming increasingly complex. As a result, hoteliers need to ensure they’re targeting the right keywords in their SEO strategy to get found by travel shoppers. In this article, we look at today’s travel shopping journey, the importance of mobile, and how to measure ROI from your SEO initiatives.

9. Drive More Hotel Bookings With Intelligent, Personal Content

Top 10 Blog Articles of 2016 (so far)

Chris Regalado, Founder and CEO of RevMar Digital, details how to use psychographics to build a more detailed view of your ideal guest. See why psychographics and personalized content are key to driving quality organic traffic, increase engagement and secure more bookings.

10. 8 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Hotel Website (Part 2)

Organic traffic is obviously important to your digital marketing strategy. However, what is less apparent is how to drive more of it, without having to pay for it. In this two-part series, we outline 8 ways to drive more quality website traffic, including best practices for mobile, visual storytelling, social proof and special offers.

New Video Series – “The Check-In”

Have you seen our new video series for hotel marketers yet. The Check-In is a collection of short videos that provide valuable insights from industry thought-leaders, including Brian Payea from TripAdvisor, Terry Jones from Travelocity and Dr. Lalia Rach. Learn what trends are shaping today’s travel industry and how other hoteliers, just like you, are thriving in this competitive landscape. Our first 6 episodes are now live, with more to be added over the coming months. Be sure to check in with The Check-In!

The Check-In a new video series for hotel marketers by Leonardo

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