Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Virtual Tours on 3rd Party Sites

1. Today’s travel shoppers are shopping around more than ever before.
To book a vacation online, the average person spends 29 days doing 12 searches and visits 22 different travel sites.1 So you need to ensure that when looking at your hotel on these sites, they have the same rich visual experience as on

2. Your hotel’s presence on 3rd party sites impacts bookings on
The primary tools for travel planning are online travel agency websites.2 In the recent study “The Billboard Effect”, Cornell University researchers found that hotels listed on 3rd party sites see increased bookings on Ensure that your hotel looks like a hotel a travel shopper wants to book!

3. You can generate more bookings.
Travel shoppers who view virtual tours are 67% more likely to book than those who don’t.3

1 Study by Google, 2009
2 Travel Industry Association (TIA), Travelers’ Use of the Internet, 2008 Edition
3 Results of a tracking study conducted by VFM Leonardo and a North American hotel chain that tracked the behavior of 1,000,000 travel shoppers

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