How satisfied are travel shoppers with the online shopping experience?

Think about the last time you researched hotels online. How satisfied were you with the visual and written content available?
For many travel shoppers, the visual experience is less than ideal.

In a study of American consumers, Forrester found that 38% of online bookers – 47.5 million people – avoid staying at hotels they can afford when they don’t find photos, videos, or written content that make them feel comfortable about their potential experience.4

Both leisure and business travelers are heavily relying on video and other rich visual content to support their purchases. The trouble comes when such material is not available.

What Online Travel Shoppers WantDownload the white paper for more about what travel shoppers want and steps you can take to improve your visual presence.

What Online Travel Shoppers Want: How Visual Merchandising Drives More Bookings


1. Harteveldt, Henry and Elizabeth Stark, Forrester Research, Poor Content Could Cost Travel eBusiness Money, Sept. 8, 2009.

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