[Video] 4 Lessons to Marketing Your Hotel to Business Travelers

Have you adjusted your hotel marketing strategy to accommodate the new business travel booking and shopping trends? Not sure what the new trends are?

We have created a video, adopted from our “Business Travel 2.0” webinar, to help propel your marketing efforts.

What you will learn:

1. Who today’s business travelers are.
2. How they shop for and book hotels.
3. How to show them that hotel will make their trip a success.
4. How to ensure that your story is accurate across the web.

Download now to watch!

4 Lessons to Marketing Your Hotel to Business Travelers

You will hear from the following featured speakers:

Joff Romoff: Director of Supplier Relations & Global Supplier Management at Concur
Sandy Taylor: Director of Worldwide Sales Corporate at Best Western International
Darlene Rondeau: Vice President of Best Practices & Online Merchandising at VFM Leonardo

If you want to learn more about business travelers, join us on February 27th, 2013 at 11am ET for our “Marketing to Business Travelers: Art & Science of Visual Storytelling” webinar. Register now!

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