15 Ways to Create Hotel Video Without Breaking the Bank

Did you know that travelers are twice as likely to book when a virtual tour or video is available?

According to Forrester, video has become so prominent in hospitality that 45% of leisure travelers and more than 70% of business travelers were more likely to book as a result of viewing video.

This storytelling medium gives the hospitality industry an opportunity to connect with guests in a dynamic and engaging way but, in the past, video production has been associated with a large price tag. Hotel marketers should be taking advantage of the benefits of video but perhaps, not sure how to do so without your draining resources.  Check out these useful tips on creating a video that won’t break the bank:

      1. Video is a valued resource to travel shoppers; a guest-generated video can establish a personal relationship between the consumer and the hotel while amplifying your hotel’s ability to connect socially with travelers
      2. Encourage guests to use their smartphones to record and post short videos and then tag your hotel when posting on social channels. You’ll be notified when your property is tagged in a video on channels like Facebook and Instagram.
      3. Try hosting a contest on social media encouraging guests to engage with your hotel. “Instagram a video of your favorite feature at our hotel and best photo will win a free cocktail in our lounge!” It’s a #winwinFam travel vid
      4. Video produced in-house can be executed by any staff member with a creative vision and a smartphone with trendy Instagram filters
      5. Film a quick scripted video by the concierge, manager, or other hotel staff showcasing your outstanding customer service
      6. Shoot a virtual tour of a fun and/or relaxing leisure activity; this will give guests an up-close sense of the exciting experiences you have to offer
      7. Give guests the opportunity to give a short video testimonial of their favorite part of your hotel; if this doesn’t generate volunteers, offer an incentive!
      8. The shorter the better: take a 20 second video featuring your hotel’s features that guests love
      9. Take it even shorter with a 15 second video for Instagram. Filter, tag and hashtag a snack-size video that will be just the right amount to drive them to your website for the main course
      10. Use Vine to shoot a quirky 7 second videos that give guests a short and continuous loop where the video repeats
      11. Professionally filmed video is an excellent way to create high quality video content in a polished and vibrant way
      12. Hire a production firm that has the art of video down to a science; move away from complex and time consuming and onto quick and efficient, allowing you to take advantage of high quality at a low price.
      13. Combine professional video with in-house or guest generated content to maximize creativity and differentiate your content.  Travel shoppers crave different content as they travel through the shopping journey.  Offer them a wide variety with a mix of professional and user generated content.
      14. Ensure your video drives the travel shopper to book by giving them the opportunity to visualize themselves in and around your hotel. Whether it’s by the pool, in the lounge, or in a meeting room, create the vision for your future guests.  Choose a video player with a built-in booking widget to make it easy for travel shoppers to book.
      15. Encourage comments on videos posted on social channels; pose questions, engage guests, deliver answers. The more you maximize the use of your video, the more worth your while it will be.


Regardless of your budget, mixing and matching all 3 types of video helps you build the most inclusive content for your hotel to achieve meaningful benefits:

  • Better placement in natural and organic search results
  • Offer engaging stories that will turn lookers into bookers
  • The power to cut through the clutter and capture the attention of hotel shoppers over your competitors

Ready to learn more about how you can start leveraging video to tell your hotel story? Leonardo can help, visit our website to learn about video production.

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