[Video] What Content Do Travelers Actually Want to See?

As people go through the different stages of their travel shopping journey (inspiration, research, planning, validation, booking, travel, and post-travel sharing) they crave different types of content.

Are you showcasing the type of content travel shoppers are looking for, at the right moment in their travel shopping journey?

Travelers are looking for more than a place to stay; travel shoppers are looking for an experience. They want to know where they will eat, what they can do during the day and what local events may be happening nearby. The content they want to see depends on if they’re searching for a particular destination, researching ideas for a future trip, or looking for a place to stay that night.

Listen to Darlene Rondeau, VP of Best Practices, Online Merchandising at Leonardo, discuss the types of content that travelers really want to see (hint: the most commonly viewed image is probably not the one you’re showcasing on your homepage!)

If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what she said:

“Our analysis of over 500 million views of media tells us that as people go through different stages of travel, their hunger for content changes. They demand fewer images at certain points, and more at others. One thing holds true throughout all the stages: they are consuming visuals, so your story really needs to be told that way. The top 10 most viewed images are: 1) Guestrooms 2) Restaurants 3) Recreation 4) Local attractions 5) Lobby 6) Maps 7) Business Centre 8) Pool Amenities 9) Exterior 10) Bar. Guestrooms are viewed 2x more than the second most viewed type of image, restaurants. However, many people go to hotel websites and the first thing they see is the exterior followed by an empty lobby, when exterior shots are #9  in the top 10 most viewed. The fact that restaurants are the 2nd most viewed is interesting because travelers are looking for more than a place to sleep – they are looking for an experience. That experience includes where they’ll eat, what they’ll find down the road, and where they’ll shop. We also know media consumption is 30% higher on smartphones than desktops, so your visual story must be available and optimized to be consumed on mobile devices and tablets.”

Darlene shares valuable insights that can help your property deliver the content travel shoppers are looking for, in order to increase direct bookings.

If you would like to learn more about converting website visitors into guests at your property, then be sure to take a look at the full recording and slides from our recent webinar about driving website conversions: How to Convert Website Visitors into Guests.

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