When it Comes to Visual Merchandising, White Lodging Gets it Right

White Lodging Services Corporation is one of the fastest-growing, fully-integrated independent hotel ownership, development and management companies in the United States with a current portfolio of over 155 hotels in 18 states from leading brands such as Marriott International, Inc., Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Global, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, InterContinental Hotel Group, and Carlson Hotels Worldwide.

White Lodging takes pride in consistently delivering superior hotel experiences to guests and premium returns on investment to their hotels across the country. Striving to continually deliver on both fronts in an increasingly complex hotel shopping environment, White Lodging recognized the need to make their hotels more visually compelling online and sought out an easy-to-manage solution.


“We manage over 155 properties and the eMarketing activities for each of them. Due to the scale of our portfolio, it was imperative that we find a solution that is not only visually impressive to the end-user but also user-friendly on the backend so we could it manage efficiently,” says Carolyn Hosna, Corporate eComm Manager, White Lodging Services Corporation.

In early 2010, they learned that through the VBrochure Online Merchandising System, they could syndicate and display rich visual experiences on thousands of channels for all of their hotels. They began rolling out VBrochure Ultra Premium for their properties shortly after.


“We use a mix of channels, search engine marketing, social media, and independent and select partner sites to market our hotels online. The accessibility and display of imagery and rich media on these channels significantly influences the likelihood of consumers booking our hotels,” continues Hosna.

With the help of their dedicated Customer Success Representative and the purchase of the BestSTART professional services package, White Lodging started getting VPowered Multi-Media Players up and running for their hotels using VScape. “VScape is an intuitive software platform that gives us 100% control of our rich media and allows us that depth of content and customization. Managing VBrochure through one portal has proven extremely successful,” says Hosna.


Complete with descriptive tabs, rich media, images and unique text descriptions that all work together, VBrochure tells each hotel’s unique story to online travel shoppers. “VBrochure meets the online shopper where they want to be met. So much of today’s online purchasing cycle involves great imagery to capture the look and feel of a hotel,” explains Hosna. Portraying our hotel experience through rich media to a potential guest increases our chances of them trusting that experience and then booking.”

Social media plays an important role in their hotels’ brand awareness, which is why the Facebook App that is included in VBrochure Ultra Premium is a key part of their success – especially with the “Book Now” button right on the Multi-Media Players that takes consumers right to the hotels booking engine.




Courtyard Fort Wayne Facebook App - White Lodging

What it all comes down to for White Lodging is getting the right results – increased revenue, and VBrochure delivers that. Hosna expresses, “With so many other hotels fighting for a share of voice online, we believe the addition of the VBrochure aids in setting us apart from competitors. It creates a higher level of engagement between our properties and potential guests which drives increased conversions, bookings and overall revenue.”

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