Webinar Wrap-Up: Destination Website: Drive More Direct Bookings with Visuals

Direct bookings are tremendously valuable to a hotel marketer because they’re the most cost effective and profitable.

Is your website doing the best job it can to engage hotel shoppers and compel them to book directly with you? During our recent webinar, Destination Website: Drive More Direct Bookings with Visuals, we focused on several key elements to help hoteliers understand how to increase direct bookings on your property’s website.

Destination Website: Drive More Direct Bookings with Visuals

I was joined by Tim Peter, founder of Tim Peter & Associates, and Emma Richard, E-Commerce Expert at Ocean Partners Hospitality. We discussed best practices in content creation, and how digital storytelling drives revenue and results by keeping shoppers who arrive at your website engaged and motivated to make a booking directly with you.

Tim and Emma reviewed these topics:

  • How to weave your hotel’s story together by combining vivid descriptions with rich media, large and interesting photos
  • Create your hotel stories so that they’re snackable, targeted and organized in a way that is easy to navigate
  • Ensure your multi-media galleries and associated media items are SEO enabled
  • Give the hotel shopper a seamless and responsiveness experience when viewing your property across multiple devices and on any channel

Find out how you can start using web marketing by watching the webinar presentation here:

For more detailed guidance on how to successfully engage with travel shoppers from the beginning, download our eBook 6 Steps To Reaching And Engaging Travelers During The Shopping Journey.

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