Webinar Highlights: How to Deal With Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Challenges

More choices for consumers mean more challenges (and opportunities) for hotel marketers which is why we discussed the importance of creating a compelling digital marketing presence to tell your hotel’s unique story in our latest webinar.

Great storytellers create impressions that catch your attention, are memorable and inspire you to take action and share; the same results that hotel marketers hope to achieve with their digital marketing efforts.

Using Vizlly, Leonardo’s new Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System, our experts explained how to navigate the complex shopping journey to drive bookings. Other topics covered include:

• Keep up with content creation and syndication
• Differentiate your hotel from the competition
• Manage your time and resources more effectively

If you couldn’t attend, check out the highlights from the webinar in this short video here.

Ready to get a jump start on 2015? One of the most important indicators for success in the new year will be your ability to leverage the power of content marketing and visual storytelling to make your hotel stand out. Sign up for our webinar “Content Marketing 101 for Hotels” to get started.

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