Webinar Wrap-up: OTAs Can Drive More Direct Bookings

Did you know travel shoppers visit as many as 33 websites throughout their travel shopping journey before booking? Before you discount this fact, consider that consumers are not only visiting traditional travel websites, like online travel agencies and, but they’re also visiting sites that are perhaps considered adjacent to their trip; sites such as, airline websites, and destination sites to name a few.

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To help hotel marketers understand the importance of OTAs and how to use them effectively I hosted a webinar;  Turn OTA Lookers into Direct Bookers: How Improving Your Look on OTAs Can Drive More Direct Bookings.

Our expert guest presenters were Robert Cole, the founder of RockCheetah, a hotel marketing strategy and travel technology consulting practice and Glen MacDonell, the Managing Director of Marketing Programs at Best Western International.

Robert and Glen discussed:

  • The role of OTAs throughout the travel shopping journey
  • How to tell your hotel’s story online
  • Practical ideas for maximizing OTA presence
  • How hotels are benefiting from OTA sites

Watch the webinar presentation here.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog featuring your questions from the webinar.

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