Webinar Wrap Up: Make Your Hotel Shine Online

The best hotels don’t simply throw pictures and video on their homepage willy-nilly – they use those photos and videos purposely, to tell engaging stories. This approach gives travel shoppers the opportunity to visually anticipate their upcoming hotel stay, increasing the likelihood they’ll choose you when the time comes.

Here’s some visual marketing trivia for you -Pictures are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text (3M). So, if your property can convey a compelling experience through images, you’ll make an impression on potential guests that they are sure to remember!

Shine Online

To provide hotels with a better understanding of online visual storytelling, I recently hosted a webinar entitled Make Your Hotel Shine Online: Shift to a Visual Experience.

Our knowledgeable guest speakers were Monica Goldstein, Marketing Services Director, Lancaster House and Greg Oates, Hotel Media Strategist.

Monica and Greg did a great job of discussing:

  • How to  turn good visuals into great stories
  • How to source content that keeps you website up-to-date
  • Best practices for publishing your visual stories online
  • Where, when and how to tell your hotel’s story to the world
  • How hotels are enhancing their website with compelling visuals

Keep an eye out for our follow up blog post later this week highlighting Q&A from this webinar.

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