Webinar Wrap Up: Making the Most of Facebook for Your Hotel

Facebook was the first social media platform and still reigns supreme with 1.11 billion active users. The design has become more visually focused, and users are showing their love by uploading approximately 300 million photos to the site per day

Hotels should take advantage of this shift by creating a more visually appealing Facebook page.

Facebook Webinar

To help hotels better understand how to use the unique tools available to them, I recently hosted a webinar: Making the most of Facebook for Your Hotel.

Our knowledgeable guest speakers were Chris Boothe, Product Manager, Social Media, VFM Leonardo Inc and Rupesh Patel, Vice President, ZENique Hotels.

Chris did a wonderful job of discussing how hoteliers can better:

  • Optimize your existing Facebook page
  • Tell your hotel’s story visually
  • Drive direct bookings

Then we heard from Rupesh, who made it real by discussing how ZENique hotels is:

  • Gaining and engaging fans
  • Putting Best Practices into action on Facebook

Rupesh explained that hotels can meet customers on Facebook where they are spending hours at a time.  Connect with them by creating special offers , this will create loyalty.
Watch the full presentation on demand here.

Making the Most of Facebook for Your Hotel from VFM Leonardo.

Keep an eye out for our webinar Q&A blog post next week.

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