Webinar Wrap Up: The Clear Path to Conversions

You have less than ten seconds to capture a website visitor’s attention and convince them to choose your property – less than the time it takes to kiss your loved one goodbye in the morning, chug a glass of water or order your daily coffee from your favorite barista!

And because the people who arrive at your website for the first time are generally not ready to buy, you have a huge opportunity to engage them and secure that “top of mind” position as they move from site to site evaluating their options before booking.

That was the main topic I discussed with Scott Yankton, an internet, business system and SaaS and software contract consultation, and the President of Scott Yankton Consulting, and Cristobal Galit, eCommerce Executive at Doha Marriott Hotel, during our webinar last week.

As always, I started off the event with a poll, asking what your biggest challenge is with your current website. The top answer was learning how to drive conversions, followed closely by tracking performance.

The conversation has always been about conversions, performance and analytics, but now it’s expanded to include assessing content as a means to that end.

The more and interesting stories we tell, the more impactful the interaction with the travel shopper which has a very positive effect on purchase intent to generate direct bookings.

The fact is, we’re just getting busier, and with so many different channels competing for our attention, it’s more important than ever to motivate travel shoppers to complete their booking while they’re on your website.

If you couldn’t attend the event, I encourage you to check out the recording and slides from the presentation here.

If you’re pressed for time, make sure you check out these slides in particular:
• The 3 keys to better conversion
• 8 tips to optimize your check out
• How the Doha Marriott increased ROI and direct bookings from Facebook

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