What are Facebook Apps and Do I Need Them?

Facebook has long been an effective weapon in the social media artillery of every hotel marketer.

It has rapidly become a popular site for travel shoppers to research and now even book their travel itinerary. This social media beast has evolved into a phenomenal marketing generator that presents a convenient canvass to unveil your hotel’s story. Facebook Apps give your Facebook visitors an opportunity to really immerse themselves in your hotel and imagine the experience they may have before they arrive – if you’re not using them yet, here’s what you need to know about the power of the app.

What are Facebook Apps?

Facebook Apps enhance your experience on Facebook. They can be added to any business page, but are specifically useful to hotel pages since they allow visitors to truly take a tour of your hotel without leaving your Facebook page.

As a hotel, you can install multi-media Facebook Apps that allow viewers to really understand your hotel story, see your rooms and amenities, and even drive bookings with special offers. Facebook Apps are customizable and are a convenient means of displaying your hotel’s photos and rich media right on the page. The app can also include a booking engine plug-in that allows guests to directly access the hotel’s reservation section.

What are Common Mistakes Hoteliers Make When Using Facebook Apps?

  • A redundancy of images and rich media can sometimes oversaturate your photo gallery app. Visitors want you to precisely and efficiently show them through visuals what your property has to offer instead of having them sift through a mountain of media. If you add an app that lets social media followers see your rooms and amenities, give them enough photos so they get the clear picture without bombarding them.
  • Not leveraging the full potential of Facebook apps is a repetitive misstep in fully optimizing your page. Entice your Facebook fans with special offers and a built-in booking engine that allows them to book now.

What You Can Do to Optimize Your Page

Facebook Apps are a great way to creatively blend in what makes your hotel unique into your page’s design. Here are a few tips to help strengthen your Facebook page:

  • Rich media is an unbelievable tool for standing out. The Z Ocean Hotel South Beach took advantage of their Facebook apps and repurposed their website’s media galleries to allow their property’s video tours and 360 panoramas to be showcased through their apps.
  • A truly innovative tactic to make your Facebook page a well-rounded booking machine is linking a booking engine plug-in to your apps so prospective guests have the ability to connect immediately with the reservation platform.
  • The Sand Pebbles Inn maximized exposure to their holiday contest by highlighting it on their Facebook app.

  • The Hilton Durham near Duke University designed customizable app icons and names to personalize the tabs in their apps. They even utilized a hidden gem in the Facebook App world by implementing special offer packages catering to the entire family.

Fully optimizing your hotel’s Facebook page into a converting machine means focusing on the minor details and taking advantage of all that this platform has to offer. Apps can be a condensed shortcut of all the essential information your hotel’s website offers, but the trick is designing it in a way that really intrigues a prospective guest.

Find out how Facebook apps tie into your entire social media narrative by downloading our free guide: How to Tell a Compelling Hotel Story on Facebook: Cheat Sheet for Hotel Marketers.

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