What do people love sharing more than photos? Videos!

Based on observation and various articles from subject matter experts, people are more likely to share content on social media if it is compelling, and videos are at the top of the list of compelling content. eMarketer recently published “Nearly All Mobile Video Viewers are Mobile Video Sharers”. This article shared some very fascinating stats that touch on how those who watch video on mobile share through both social media, email, text and by handing the phone to others. Although the article isn’t specific to the hotel industry, there are some significant insights that hotel marketers can take away and apply.

This article focuses on a study conducted by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which found that “video viewing on mobile devices is very closely related to video-sharing.”

Mobile Video Sharing-Social

The correlation between mobile video views and sharing is strong, with 92% of respondents affirming that they share video content with others. It might not surprise you that the first most common method of mobile video sharing is through social media sites.

That’s right; a majority of video shares (56%) are through Facebook and other social media networks. It’s a no-brainer that people are going to share the content on social media more frequently. The process is straightforward thanks to widgets placed on websites and video players, and easy access through established social networks.

Mobile Video Sharing- In Person

The second most popular method of sharing video content is more low-tech and probably the most powerful because it is an extended version of word-of-mouth. 44% of survey respondents share videos by passing their mobile phone to a friend.

In comparison to sharing the video through Facebook, Twitter, text, email or YouTube, this method is likely generates more views because when the device is passed to a friend, they are more committed to watching the video. Whereas, if the video is posted on social media, viewing the content is optional and easier to pass up.

Be Share-Worthy

None of this video sharing is even relevant to you unless you abide by this one golden rule: your video content must be share-worthy. By share-worthy, I mean interesting.

The study dug a little deeper and revealed that the most commonly shared mobile video is “the kind of short and funny clip designed to be passed around.” Hotel videos need to be short, interesting and entertaining if you’re going to capture travelers’ attention and inspire them to share.

To increase the probability of travel shoppers sharing your hotel’s video, it is essential to distribute it to points where it is readily available to them and easy to share. That includes your desktop website, mobile website, Facebook, online travel agencies, review sites, and so on – wherever there is an opportunity to display video, take advantage of it.

Resources to Learn More

It is clear that people are sharing video through a number of methods. Capitalize on this and see your shares grow by producing interesting video and delivering it through the appropriate channels.

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