What Hoteliers can do to Prepare for the Upturn

VFM Leonardo has launched a new video called Driving Demand in a Recovering Market. In this video, John McAuliffe, VFM Leonardo’s Chief Marketing Officer and Richard Wiegmann, Managing Director of Trust International, discuss how the travel industry is recovering and what hoteliers can do to prepare for the upturn.

“The positive trend with increasing booking results seems to continue. I think that the average room rates will develop slower than the overall number of reservations,” states Wiegmann.

The global recession has had a significant impact on how people research and buy travel online. “Today’s hotel companies are faced with challenges that were not present at mid-decade,” states Wiegmann.

Sales and marketing actions have become extremely important to the success of hospitality companies as the travel market recovers. Meaningful videos and photos, a multi-channel approach and an active social media strategy are just some of the activities hoteliers need to focus on.

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