What You Need to Know About Hotel Marketing in 2015 – in 7 Minutes

Every autumn at Leonardo, we make hotel marketing predictions for the coming year and compile insights from key industry influencers along with observations and implications about the shifting marketplace in an annual eBook.

Recently, we discussed the most anticipated 2015 hotel marketing trends during a webinar I hosted with Tim Peter, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Expert and President at Tim Peter & Associates and Christine Beuchert, Senior Director and Marketing and Ecommerce Strategy at Marcus Hotels.

If you couldn’t attend, don’t miss out on jump starting your 2015 digital marketing strategy. Check out this short video with the highlights from the webinar.

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • The power of content marketing for hotels
  • Content creation ideas hotel marketers should consider (for your website, mobile, and social media sites)
  • How the shopping journey is changing and what this means for you

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