What’s the #1 Way Your Hotel Can Stand Out on Social Media?

Navigating through the social media landscape and beginning to figure out your place in this digital world is certainly no easy task.

Ellis Connolly, Executive Vice President, TrustYou, an online reputation management company for the hospitality industry, explains the number one way your hotel can stand out on social media in this one-minute video.

If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what he recommends:

“You need to be engaging, that’s the first thing. If you’re just broadcasting messaging out and getting a story across, but not engaging with your guests, you’re not engaging with future guests, whether that be through responding to reviews through TripAdvisor, whether that be running some type of concierge service for example for Twitter for on-site complaints, or Facebook, running competitions, and on Instagram, like content corralling images and photos. I think to focus on one thing would be silly, obviously, because there’s so many channels that potential guests and past guests are reaching us through social media. But again, the number one thing from my perspective is just to be engaging and make sure you’re opening and keeping that line of communication open with your guests.”

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