Why You Should Stop Focusing on Selling Your Hotel’s Features (And Sell How They’ll Make Your Guests Feel)

A few weeks ago, we talked to Monica Rafter, owner of Write On Marketing Communications, about the importance of finding out what your hotel story is.

Today, she’s sharing what may be a controversial opinion to some hoteliers: why you should stop focusing on selling your hotel’s features, and sell something else instead.


Stop Focusing on Selling Your Hotel’s Features

Why? Because no one cares about your hotel’s features, except maybe you.

Prospects and even your most loyal return guests do not care about your hotel’s features except to the extent of how they have already made them feel or how they will make them feel. So staying focused on the features and not the benefits is a total waste of time, both yours and your audience.

In the most basic and introductory of hotel sales training classes dating back to the early 1980s, newbie sales managers were drilled and taught to distinguish between hotel features, advantages and benefits. The fact is, anyone can read about, learn about, know about any of your hotel’s features – anytime. That’s what a hotel website is for.

What’s different and what matters most is communicating (in this case, on social media channels) the advantages your hotel’s features create and ultimately the way those benefit your prospects and customers.

To the extent you can communicate the benefits – how strongly it will make your prospective guests feel – that is the measure and fullest extent of a successful social media post or message. An outstanding post or message leaves the viewer wanting it, yearning for it. If you do that, you succeed. If you don’t, you fail. It’s as simple as that.

Hotel Spotlight: Red South Beach Hotel

Red south Beach Monica's Blog

The Red South Beach Hotel is a great example of how you can use guest content to create a positive feeling for prospective travel shoppers. By using their #EGGChair photos generated by guests, they can show how much they’re enjoying their hotel’s great features. Promoting fun family experiences are a great way to show prospective travel shoppers what your hotel means to your guests. It creates a great inclusive story and sets you apart from other hotels who just focus on their features.

About Monica:

Monica RafterMonica Rafter has a 30-year career with Westin Hotels & Resorts/Starwood Hotels & Resorts and is now the owner of Write On Marketing Communications. A consultant since 2003, Monica has conducted on-property convention services and catering assessments, department audits, as well as established systems and procedures for start-up or fledgling departments.

During the past six years, the majority of Monica’s focus and time has been spent managing social media presence for multiple business units across several major brands plus independent hotels. Additionally, Monica researches, develops content and monitors multiple hotel, restaurant, spa and golf course websites, creates email marketing campaigns, web landing pages, sales collateral (print and digital) as well as print and online materials to support marketing and operations.

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