This Windy City Hotel’s Online Experience is Unforgettable – Wyndham Blake Chicago

The Wyndham Blake Chicago is a new addition to the Wyndham family. Previously an independent boutique hotel located in the 19th-century Morton and Duplicator buildings in Chicago’s South Loop, the Wyndham Blake Chicago is now a noteworthy destination with a boutique feel – a blend of best of the past with all the modern comforts any savvy traveler could ever want.

Unforgettable is what the Wyndham Blake Chicago strives to be, even before the guest arrives. They make sure they are etched in the minds of online travel shoppers as they research and compare hotels in the area. “We want to let people know that even though we have the Wyndham name and value now, we’ve still have the qualities of a boutique hotel, we are still unique. I believe our media shows that,” says Vee Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing, Wyndham Blake Chicago.

They get their media in front of online travel shoppers using VBrochure. Video, virtual tours, photos and text descriptions are all packaged and displayed together in context on thousands of travel and social media sites to provide a rich, informative and memorable experience.
Wyndham Blake Chicago
“Everything has become more interactive these days,” says Jones. “Being able to browse through visuals helps travel shoppers compare the properties on their shortlist and really evaluate what they offer. Having text descriptions along with visuals is also important for describing what travel shoppers are and are not seeing.”

Video is especially effective for staying at the top of travel shoppers minds and list. “Online video makes the experience more real for the potential guest,” says Jones. When she searches for a hotel online, she uses video to help with her final decision on where to stay. So hotels that don’t have video often don’t make her shortlist. “It’s not always about the rate.  People want to like where they stay,” she explains.

They use social media and review sites to find out what people like and dislike about their stays at the Wyndham Blake Chicago and use that information to constantly improve the way they present the property online which is easy with VBrochure.

“In the past, when we wanted to update our media, we had to contact all the websites we are listed on, one by one. With VBrochure, that is all taken care of automatically. We no longer have to wait for the changes to take effect as our in-viewer updates are displayed in near real-time. It saves us so much time and gives us more control over the media that is out there for our property. We love it.”

The VBrochure reporting tool is another feature that comes in handy for them. “It provides an idea of who is looking at your media, which is great – especially if you have to report to management to show how the VBrochure is affecting hotel exposure.”

Going from just having photos on their online listings has increased exposure for the Wyndham Blake Chicago. The number of sites they receive views on more than doubled the month after their VPowered Multi-Media Viewer went live.

Their success so far goes to show that people want to see things like virtual tours and videos.  Hotels that don’t provide the consumer with a rich visual experience are likely missing out on a lot of exposure and bookings. “It’s amazing that we have noticed such a significant jump in views in only one month. With this kind of increase in viewing, I would venture to say that we have already done some bookings from VBrochure,” says Jones.

Jones offers some words of wisdom based on her own experience with VBrochure to date, “take some time to go through VFM Leonardo’s SmartSTART training online – that’s a good place to start. Set your viewer up in the beginning and follow best practices.”

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