You Asked: What Kind of Content Do Travel Shoppers Actually Want to See?

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

Chew on the concept above for a moment. We conducted a poll in our webinar with Google to find out what you wanted to learn the most from Google’s 2014 Traveler Study, and 37% were interested in understanding what type of content interests hotel shoppers.

Digital facilitates a high level of engagement; in fact, 80% of hotel bookers now watch online videos to make a decision regarding their accommodations, an 18% increase from last year’s study. Contemporary travelers absorb mass amounts of travel information by way of social media, blog posts, travel reviews and other ‘snackable’ means. However, rich media is rapidly emerging as the new channel to cut through the clutter. This brings us back to the million dollar question: what type of content do travel shoppers actually want to see?


The top three items shoppers want to see on your website are guest rooms, restaurants and recreation, respectively. Leonardo’s data analysis of over 500,000,000 media views shows that 86% of visitors consume more than 10 images when they visit media galleries, proving that travel shoppers crave images. However, it goes way beyond simply copying and pasting your hotel’s features to your website’s main page. It actually dives much deeper into the unconscious mind.

These forms of rich media should be emotional drivers used to evoke and light a feeling found deep within your consumers that helps illuminate their desire to travel. Trigger their needs and positive desires in these “snackable” new ways to appeal to your consumers’ senses. Make sure this fits in with your hotel’s overall story so your content doesn’t come across as random and sporadic.

Inspire motivation. Show your passion. Nobody ever said you had to limit your creative expression when dealing with your marketing strategy deliverables. It goes back to the old actor’s adage, “show, don’t tell.”

Remember: people don’t buy what you do: they buy why you do it.

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